Rerun - Simplfy Your Billing

I would like to introduce an app that I recently discovered. Rerun (www.rerunapp.com) is designed to simplify billing for subscription and membership based businesses. I believe it will save some businesses a significant amount of money.

Rerun allows automatic ACH drafts from clients' bank accounts for $1.49 per transaction. This is obviously much cheaper than the typical 2.9% credit card processing fee. Consider a client that you charge $500 per month for services. The credit card processing fee would be $14.50 ($500 x 2.9%), but only $1.49 using Rerun's ACH draft feature. That represents a $13 savings per month, per client.

Rerun integrates well with QuickBooks (QB). A sales receipt is automatically generated in QB every time a client's bank account is debited. Plus, Rerun automatically generates and e-mails a sales receipt to the customer. And QB customers and items sync with Rerun, so there's no need to manually enter the information in Rerun. The point is after setup, the payments will be deposited to your bank account every month without you (or the client) doing anything.

Some may question the benefit to clients, i.e. what is their incentive? After all, the client is likely currently earning credit card points. The solution is simple: if necessary, offer them a 1% discount for paying by ACH. Another objection might be the hassle of switching clients from automatic credit card billing to ACH. In the example above, the annual savings is $156 or $1,560 over a 10 year client relationship. That's a lot of money!

Rerun is fairly easy to setup. However, if you lack time, please e-mail me. I would be happy to help!

Additional notes:

Rerun's Cost: $1.49 per automatic ACH draft; 2.9% + 30 cents for credit card transactions. (Rerun is intended for subscription/membership billing, but, if necessary, it also allows for one-time payments.)

Integration/compatibility: Rerun works with QB Desktop, QBO, and Xero.


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