From foundation to cloud with Quickbooks Online

Not long ago, the blueprint to launch a business included a plan, lots of money, endless reams of paper (and infamous printer cartridges) and a room to house your mainframe. Nowadays, you still need that plan — but a constant connection to the Internet is your new best friend (though a view from your kitchen table is nice-to-have, too).

That's because the path to launching a business follows the way customers conduct their business. And if that sounds new-fangled, just think about how you go about your everyday life — with a smartphone serving as your primary business tool and constant gateway to everything, including an advisor.

And that advisor would be us. The Nimbus team is small and friendly. We have that great combination of broad knowledge with the focus and technical chops to provide practical help. We ask lots of questions and know that it takes work to design and implement a strategy that's just right for you.

Get your head in the cloud

Since you're on the right track, it's time to link every facet of your business to the cloud so that you can conduct your business when and where you want.

To begin, you need the foundation of a solid back-office infrastructure. For all of our clients, we turn to QuickBooks Online to serve as that solid footing for your business (think of it as a hub). The software has a long history (you never want a fly-by-night), is easy to use (you don't have time to waste) and seamlessly integrates with key add-on tools (you want a custom fit). We'll get your system set up in the cloud — and establish the basics like linking all of your bank accounts, reconciling your daily transactions automatically, paying bills, sending invoices and more.

Now that you've got solid footing below you, it's time to get your head in the cloud to grow your business.

Forget about keeping up — it's about keeping ahead

When you dedicate everything into your life's work, even the basic tasks seem like a time suck.

But we're here to tell you that with automation and the cloud — you can now file expenses from the road, eliminate all paper and stay on top of everything without even trying. Bottom line: you will have much more time to dedicate to your business.

This is a good thing, because there's still more to do. Thankfully, we love all things accounting and technology and we'll be the first to recommend customized solutions to increase your efficiencies to regain even more time — and then build the add-on tools you need into QuickBooks Online. Need a point-of-sale solution? Done. A mobile payment solution? Not a problem. Payroll? Inventory? CRM? Done, done and done.

That's what we call keeping ahead.

Love thy data (and accounting partners)

By following the steps thus far, you'll become more efficient with tons more time. This allows you to focus more of your attention on key data. What, exactly, does this mean?

It means control, because you have Nimbus on your side.

You'll sit with your Nimbus team and review the custom-generated reports from QuickBooks Online. Since your system includes add-ons that were specific to your business, you can review data across any number of key metrics. You'll learn what to look for in your data, identify trends and opportunities, and circle potential concerns. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn what to do with this information.

Again, this is where Nimbus can help.

As a small business owner today, you have so many more requirements of your accountant or bookkeeper. You don't look to them to be a mere number-cruncher. Quite the contrary. You look to them as true partners — able to pull a request, answer a question or deliver a service.

So go ahead, ask away and turn to us for non-traditional accounting tasks. After all, we're accountants first. But we can also help with management, reporting and a host of services specific to your needs. This consultative relationship is vital to get the most out of your data and system.

For example:

  • Sales forecasting. Use QuickBooks Online to generate sales reports across key increments, such as weekly, monthly or seasonally. You can then spot lower selling periods and course correct for a more constant sales flow year round. In many respects, sales forecasting sets the baseline for all subsequent business decisions.
  • Inventory management. Say you're reviewing inventory across the holidays or other seasonal promotion. With QuickBooks Online and select inventory management add-ons, you can track which items are selling best at which price point, then adjust accordingly to maximize every potential sale. This real-time data flow is essential to running a continuous operation without any downtime — even when you yourself are enjoying a little R&R.
  • Payments and invoicing. Remember that your customers are like you. Between the kids, soccer practice and everything else, payments are sometimes slow. Yes, the delays put you in a tough spot — but you know that you can lean on Nimbus for ideas to help. We'll work with you to schedule personalized invoices and email reminders through QuickBooks Online. Think of it as that little nudge to get your customers to pay.
  • Point-of-sale and mobile. Negate any delay with a point-of-sale or mobile solution that links directly to QuickBooks Online. By capturing the revenue during the actual transaction, you significantly speed up your cashflow. Since your customers are like you with their on-to-go ways, they'll be more receptive to this accelerated method of payment. And, this means far more updated and accurate data.
  • Bills. Make it a point to keep current with your own bills. If you don't, you'll never have accurate information. We'll review regular and ad hoc bills and schedule their payment automatically through QuickBooks Online. Accurate cashflow is a must for accurate planning.
  • CRM. Think of a positive customer experience you may have had. Chances are, a CRM solution was working in the background to keep you engaged. We can integrate a CRM add-on into QuickBooks Online and review the data to see what levels — and timing — of engagements work best.
We'll dive deeper into some of these add-ons in future blogs.

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