Why and how payroll with Gusto has never been easier

If you're going to pay your employees, you may as well do it with gusto.

Gusto cloud payroll software, that is.

(You may have known them in a former life as ZenPayroll – but all the capabilities are the same.)
As you've no doubt noticed, we at Nimbus have strong opinions about complicated software. We don't like it – and it's not necessary for your business.

When it comes to payroll, complicated payroll systems may seem the norm – but similar to accounting systems, paperwork, and just about every other aspect of running your small business, these complicated systems can be replaced by simple cloud-integrated ones in no time.

Whether you have one or two or fifty employees, imagine having payroll and everything related to it done in the cloud.

No more faxes, phone calls or printouts.

Pay employees in one minute and file taxes automatically.

Get reporting (W-2s and 1099s) calculated and submitted

Easily track vacation and time off.

Take care of off-cycle payrolls.

The great news for you is that as a Gusto partner, we can help you get access to the best of payroll cloud software – and as always, if it's easier for you we can set it all up so you don't have to spend countless hours on integration and setup.

Here's how using Gusto for your small business makes things better for you.

Integrated payroll and bookkeeping

We've identified Gusto as the most modern cloud software, so you don't have to spend time looking for what will serve your business needs best. And it's easy to use, which was one of our requirements.

Even better, our priority for our clients is to make sure the software we recommend integrates with your other cloud systems. Gusto has integrations with your accounting and bookkeeping, so a change in one place means it's a change…in just one place. Not double or triple or more entries in multiple systems.

We'll make sure your payroll data is synchronized with your chart of accounts. That means no more manual data entry for time tracking, expense management, HR or benefits.

Migration of your payroll data from another system

Making the switch to Gusto is easy.

If you're already doing cloud integration with us, just ask and we will migrate your existing payroll data for you. We'll take care of the admin, the setup, and the change. We'll even give you or your payroll/HR person the training needed to run payroll each week or pay period.

Payroll in 60 seconds

There's a Gusto app so you can run payroll at anytime, from anywhere. Even from your phone.

Payroll taxes filed accurately and on time

Since all your payroll information is handily kept in one place, you can be sure that we will complete the appropriate payroll tax returns, W2s, 1099s, and anything else needed for your payroll, on time and accurately. Everything is automated, so nothing gets missed.

Gusto includes a compliance checklist to ensure that everything you need to do has been completed – and we can go through that on your behalf, or show you or your staff member how to use it. Gusto also offers workers' comp.

Employees can enter their own personal data

Save countless hours on time-consuming manual data entry. Rather than asking your employees for their information, and entering it in, and risking extra mistakes because of dual entry, your employees can onboard and update personal information on their own.

Best of all, you control who has access to the online portals, and for what. And if an employee leaves, they can access the information you want them to.

Free payroll customer care and support

We'll have a dedicated customer care advocate from Gusto, who's available to help you at every step. Naturally we are here to help at any time – but if you wanted to do some of it yourself, or it was out of office hours, the support is still there for you.

Gusto is often releasing new resources and guides for small business employers. We'll make sure you know about anything that affects you – or you can download them here.

Gusto magnifies your business capability

When you have an online accounting system set up first, and you then integrate Gusto with it, your capability as a business is magnified tenfold.

Let us know if we can help integrate this payroll system with all your other cloud systems!


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