Remove the pain of expenses with Expensify

Moving your business systems to the cloud offers so much flexibility, something we highlighted when introducing you to QuickBooks Online in our recent blog post. And one element of this built-in flexibility is the ability to add third-party solutions that work alongside your core QuickBooks Online hub.

Whether it's a tool for tackling your inventory needs, or an efficient way to track project time, there's a QuickBooks Online add-on that does the job for you, with seamless integration into your existing system

One third-party plug-in that's really caught our attention here at Nimbus has been Expensify. It's a cloud solution that's fully integrated with QuickBooks Online and automates the process of claiming expenses and travel costs.

Why is that so useful? Because it removes the hard work and pain of dealing with expense claims manually – not to mention saving you time in the process!

How expenses eat into your time

Expense claims are another of those day-to-day administration jobs that most businesses dread. Along with bookkeeping, bank reconciliation and invoicing, it's one of those tasks that have to be done, but which few of us get much joy out of doing.

If you have several employees, or your business deals with a lot of travel costs and general expense claims, then Expensify is something you simply need to have – it's that much of a no-brainer.

The time spent by you and your employees making claims, and the time it takes the finance team to process them, can really eat into your working day. There's paperwork to file, keying in of data to do and bookkeeping in your accounting system to take care of. And this time all adds up.

How does Expensify work?

Expensify gives you back this admin time, by automating may of the internal processes and removing the need for the majority of the data entry.

  • Expenses – you can add cash expenses and automatically import all your card transactions, while capturing mileage, time and other costs.
  • Receipts – forget about having to key in the details from your paper receipts. Just use the SmartScan function in the Expensify smartphone app to snap a photo of your receipt – the information will be converted into data and matched with the right expense claim. Simple as that!
  • Administration – your finance team can administer and reconcile all card transactions centrally and process large numbers of reports with just one click. And there are easy ways to reimburse employees through options like PayPal or ACH Direct Deposit.
  • Compliance – you can specific company rules for expenses and make sure the whole business is being compliant with these standards. And it's easy to create detailed reports that show the whole audit trail for every claim.
  • Mobile – the Expensify app means your team can make an expense claim wherever they are, straight from their smartphone. So your claims get made quickly and efficiently and your people get reimbursed faster.

Get back your finance time

If dealing with your expense claims is becoming a chore, now's the time to think about moving your finance systems to the cloud.

With the combination of QuickBooks Online and Expensify, we can help you create a finance system that's a fast and incredibly powerful hub for your finances.

  • Cut out the need for data-entry by using the Expensify app on your smartphone.
  • Forget about keeping and filing paper receipts by saving them in the cloud.
  • Make your whole expense claim process faster, cleaner and more efficient.
  • Get meaningful reports on company expenses and see where you're spending most.
By streamlining your whole expenses process, you're not just making your procedures more effective, you're also getting back time to work on the bigger areas of the business – more time to focus on customers, business development, strategic planning and growth for the company as a whole.

Talk to us about using Expensify and see how much time you could get back for your business.


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