CrunchBoards – Get the perfect handle on your business numbers

You no doubt started your company because you had a great business idea, a passion for what you do and some expertise and knowledge of your industry sector.

You probably didn't start your business to become an expert in accounting, numbers and financial reporting – that's why there are accountants in the world after all, right?

But the huge changes in cloud accounting technology and financial technology (FinTech) solutions means it's now easier than ever to understand your business numbers without having a degree in accountancy.

And when you understand your numbers, you're in better control of your business.

Numbers don’t need to be scary!

At Nimbus, we're not about scaring you with numbers. We're here to help you learn to love them and to understand how valuable your business numbers are.

With the right data at your fingertips, you're in real control of the future path of your business. You can measure your performance over time, look for the holes that are sucking up your profits and make well-informed business decisions based on the best possible information.

And that's a hugely valuable position to be in as a business owner.

Helping you improve your numbers

Giving you a better view of your numbers doesn't just help you to understand your accounts – it can also make your business more profitable.

How do we do this?

1. Analyze your existing numbers – Firstly, we look at your existing accounts and business strategy to see if you're making money or not – after all, there's little point being in business if you're just breaking even and not creating a profitable return on all your hard work.

2. Improve profits – Secondly, we work with you to help you make more profit and to meet your aspirations and goals. Whether it's streamlining your overhead or bringing in better revenue streams, we advise you on the ways to boost income and reduce costs.

3. Give you the best business reporting – The vital part of the process is to give you the reporting, business intelligence and forecasting that helps you to push your business to the next level. And this is where cloud reporting becomes so helpful – by giving you a handle on those key numbers.

CrunchBoards – Cloud reporting for your business

If you're not an accountant, traditional financial reporting can look confusing. To the untrained eye, it can appear to be a jumble of numbers – numbers that don't speak to you as a business owner.

How do we help you demystify those numbers?

We use an amazing cloud reporting solution called CrunchBoards. CrunchBoards is a way of getting to know your business numbers in a way that's easy, accessible and (crucially) highly visual.

Your key numbers can be shown as pie charts, graphs and all kinds of different data visualizations. And it's this use of graphics and color that really helps to bring your business information to life – it's goodbye to those old, dull reports that even us accountants don't really like to look at.

Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are brought together in simple, clear dashboards (or 'boards' in CrunchBoards-speak). So you can have one board for your cash flow, one for your monthly sales figures and one for your aged customer balances.

Every board is customizable to your exact needs – and we work with you to create a suite of boards that gives you an amazing view of the numbers that matter to you, your management team and the business as a whole.

Track and measure all your business numbers

CrunchBoards doesn't just focus on your accounts either. You can customize your boards to show both financial and non-financial numbers.

The brilliance of looking at your reporting with CrunchBoards is how it changes the boring zeroes and ones being recorded in your accounting software into colorful visualizations and boards that truly speak to you as business owner.

Once CrunchBoards is set up with cloud accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, it automatically updates all your boards and KPIs on a daily basis. So you can see – in real time – exactly where you're at, where there are any potential challenges and how you start improving and building your business.

Having your numbers in real time really helps you to engage with your business information. But it also helps you to track your KPIs over time. And that's vital when you're looking for trends in your income, opportunities for making cost-savings and elements of your business model where you can make positive changes to your efficiency and profitability.

Look to the future of your business

So far, we've only mentioned how CrunchBoards shows you your historic and current numbers – and they're both hugely important areas of your business information to track and understand.

But where CrunchBoards really rolls out the fireworks and pops the champagne corks is with its forecasting tools.

By taking the data and actuals (your historic transactions) from your accounting software and then projecting those numbers forward in time, you get an accurate and incredibly helpful view of the FUTURE of your business!

Project your sales numbers forward six months, forecast your cash-flow situation or see what your revenues will look like 12 months down the line. It's like having your own personal crystal ball to look into the future – and that's absolute dynamite when it comes to making important business decisions.

Talk to us about the cloud and CrunchBoards

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, now's the time to move to the cloud and CrunchBoards.

With the brilliantly intuitive and engaging overview that CrunchBoards delivers, you'll soon be improving your efficiency, boosting your cash flow and delivering the maximum return on your investment in the business.

Get in touch and let's have a chat about your business and personal goals and how a customized CrunchBoards set-up will give you the best possible overview of your key numbers and business information.


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