How technology has created a new breed of accountant

What does the word 'accountant' mean to you? You probably have an image in your head of a stereotypical accountant and what that person might do for your business. They'll wear a suit, do your year-end accounts, file your tax return with the IRS and then send you a bill – and that's the last you'll hear of them for another year.

But increasingly, this stereotype of the 'bean counter' accountant is completely out of touch with the reality of 21st century accounting.

The change the business world has seen in technology, cloud solutions and business apps has had a huge impact on how accountants now work with their business clients. And this online, cloud-based way of working delivers a whole bunch of positive benefits to you as a business owner.

The rise of the tech-savvy accountant

Technology, cloud software and automation are saving time in businesses across the whole industry spectrum. And when our clients are more at ease with software and apps that opens the way for a more tech-savvy kind of accountant.

Cloud accounting software like QuickBooks has delivered intuitive ways to manage bookkeeping, accounting and the overall financial management of small business clients. This move to online accounting and app-driven financial management has made accountants far more efficient, both for the smooth running of our own practices and the additional value that we can bring to your business.

As one of the new breed of accountants, we can now:

  • Help your business automate its bookkeeping and save you hours of data-entry time
  • Set you up with online invoicing and cardless payment solutions so you get paid quicker
  • Automatically follow up on your late invoices to improve your cash flow
  • Get real-time numbers to improve the oversight of your business reporting
  • Run detailed forecasts of your future sales, revenues and profits
These are all services that go far beyond just 'doing your accounts' and help your business to achieve more – and changing the preconceptions of the value an accountant adds for your small business.

A better connection with clients

Technology doesn't just save time and improve efficiency. It also enhances the way we work with our clients and the level of advice and support we can deliver.

As accountants, we enjoy going to offices and having proper face-to-face meetings with you and your management team. But the online nature of modern communication means we can also now engage with you wherever you are in the world.

Whether it's a quick call on Skype, or a meeting via Zoom, your tech-savvy accountant is far easier to contact. And that means we're able to talk, listen and react to your business issues in a far more proactive way – meaning resolutions to your financial challenges happen faster, saving time and money for you.

As accountants, we're no longer tied to our desks, or even to our office. We can connect with you wherever we are, and that's changed the way we relate to our clients and the depth of the relationships we can bring to you and your business.

Instant access to real-time numbers

One key benefit of a cloud accounting system is the ability to deliver real-time numbers and reporting.

The efficiencies of online accounting mean your business data is up to date and providing an accurate view of the current financial health of your business. When you combine this with the ability to instantly log in to your accounts from any location with an internet connection, you begin to see the immense possibilities this offers for financial and strategic advice from your accountant.

The cloud allows us to work in real time, as opposed to working on historical data that could be weeks, if not months, out of date. That real-time view allows us to look for the potential problems, spot the patterns and trends, and help you to overcome any hurdles that might lie ahead on your business journey.

We're more than number crunchers now: we're business advisors who can help you make informed, educated decisions about the future path of your company.

Getting paid faster and more regularly

In business, poor cash flow can be a huge problem for small businesses. So anything that gets you paid faster, and more effectively, is a big bonus.

As a cloud accountant, we can help you choose from the wide range of online and cardless payment services that are now available to businesses. Solutions such as PayPal and Stripe can transform your payment times by making it simpler and easier for your customers to pay their bill. And a solution such as Invoice Sherpa can even automate your credit control function by chasing those late-paying debtors and helping you to improve your cash flow.

Find out how the cloud can change your business

At Nimbus, we're proud to be part of the new breed of cloud accountants. For us, technology is a catalyst that allows us to bring so many more benefits, services and additional value to you and your business.

Get in touch and let's have a chat about your business and personal goals and how a customized CrunchBoards set-up will give you the best possible overview of your key numbers and business information.


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