Customer relationships and why clients leave their accountant

When you find a good accountant, it's likely that you and your business will stay with them for a good number of years. But if your accountant starts to feel like the wrong fit, there are a number of reasons which can lead you to jump ship.

Research carried out a few years back by CCH Group lists a number of reasons why businesses decide to leave their existing CPA. And the surprise is that the number one reason isn't fees or pricing (as you might expect)…

The biggest complaint that clients have is that their accountant doesn't take the time to understand their business, or check in to see if their accounting needs have changed – and that's why, at Nimbus, we believe that close, personal customer relationships are so vital to the way we work with you.

The need for amazing customer relationships

Another big complaint (number 4 in the CCH survey) is that clients don't feel their CPA is leveraging technology to deliver the best possible service.

Many US accounting firms are behind the times when it comes to adopting modern technology into their accounting services. Compared to Australia, New Zealand and the UK, the US lags behind when it comes to adopting cloud accounting technology to make life easier for them and their client.

At Nimbus, we don't use any desktop-based software – everything is done in the cloud. And this means I can work for my business and for my clients wherever I am and at any time of the day.

Business owners are seeing the huge benefits of the cloud way of working and are adopting cloud tech quicker than many accounting firms. Many businesses are used to running their businesses real-time, cloud-based solutions – and they want their accountant to be able to work with them on their accounts in the same fashion.

If you are a small business that has an online store and are used to working in real time, then it's beneficial for you and your business to have an accountant who also works in the cloud. This way, your accountant can help you forecast, plan and think strategically about the future, as opposed to always looking backward and basing their advice on out-of-date, historical records.

Working together as true cloud partners

For us, cloud solutions offer so much scope for helping your business get more from its financials and reporting. And that means we're at the cutting edge of using technology and software to solve your business issues.

I want to control as many of the behind-the-scenes processes in your business as possible – giving you more time to focus on the strategic and customer-facing elements of your business.

You're not an accountant, after all, and you didn't go into business to spend hours getting your messy financials into order. Think about it, you wouldn't waste time trying to give yourself your own tooth filling, so why as a business owner would you do your own accounting?

Get in touch with us to talk about making Nimbus your accounting partner – and make sure your accountant understands the importance of customer relationships and working with all the benefits of cloud technology.


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