Focus on your mission. Let us handle your accounting.

Which issues are your non-profit currently facing?

not sure you need to file a form 990

If you’re a smaller non-profit, you might think you are not required to file a Form 990. However, all non-profits are required to file (with the exception of a small few). These forms are complex and require much information to be filled out correctly. You’ll need to collect all the right information throughout the year – like Program vs. Management & General expenses - to have the information you need when it’s time to file.  

We’ll make sure you’re well-prepared by setting up your accounting systems properly to collect the information you’ll need, and will prepare and file your 990 for you.  

You don’t have the financial information to run your non-profit properly

You know the old saying: garbage in, garbage out. The same is true for your accounting: you’ll only get accurate, relevant numbers on you non-profit if your accounting system is set up correctly to give it to you.

We’ll set up your QuickBooks Online specifically for your non-profit so you’ll collect the right data and be able to use it effectively.  

Not enough staff (or time) to handle your accounting

You probably didn’t chose the non-profit world to deal with endless accounting tasks that come with it. We understand, and believe your valuable time should be spent on fulfilling your charitable mission.

We’ll act as your outsourced accounting department and handle as little or as much of your day-to-day accounting tasks you need, so you have more time to work on what matters. 

Are we a fit for your non-profit?

The non-profits that benefit most by working with us typically have up to $5 MM in funding and are located in or near Washington, DC.

We’re passionate about the non-profit world and the complex accounting that goes along with it.


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