Whether it's just one simple app, or an entire small business system integration, we'll help you move forward.

Cloud accounting

Using multiple systems to manage finances, payroll, time tracking, invoicing, and admin is a thing of the past. Now your accounting software – in the cloud – is the hub of all your critical business information.

Cloud Integration

You could set all these systems up yourself on your own time, but that takes longer and uses more of your precious time. Nimbus are constantly learning and discovering what's new, what's available, and what will help you the most.

We'll help you set up the systems that are the best fit for your business, so you can get the data you need.


Your cloud accounting system is just the beginning. Next you can add apps and integrate other systems which will hold everything together, in one place, securely online.

CFO services

CFO services

Now that your systems are set up, how are you going to use them? Monthly CFO services allow you to review profitability, cash flow, project management, and all your business numbers so you make the best decisions possible.

We know accounting terminology, but we won't use jargon. Just real data converted to real decisions.

Management accounting

Once your systems are set up, we'll help you get the data you need and understand:

  • Where you're making money and where you're not
  • What you could be doing more of
  • What you need to be doing less of
  • How you can use your time better


If you have employees, you need a payroll system. Your options are:

  • Do it yourself payroll: It doesn't have to be complicated. You can link Gusto to your QuickBooks Online and do it on your own quite easily.
  • Bundled payroll: If we're already helping you with other services, you can bolt on payroll to save time and hassle.

Need to change accountants?

Traditional accounting takes one part of your business and classifies it separately, setting it apart from the rest of the business.

With our accounting expertise and CPA status, we do have the ability to – once your business systems are installed properly – serve your entire accounting needs.

This means that we can take care of your bookkeeping, tax, and payroll – and, if you need it, provide the business advisory services that allow you to make sense of your systems and information.

If we work as your accountants, we'll be more involved with you and your business than a typical accounting firm will. Like an extension of your business, we'll direct you to the financial information you need, give advice and support, and show you how it all integrates with those business systems.

It's up to you.

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